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ISATAP V World Congress
“Evolution and Tradition – After Schultz and Luthe”
15/16/17 June 2018
Miraflores de la Sierra, Madrid

V Congreso Mundial, los días 15-17 de junio de 2018 en en un lugar maravilloso en plena Sierra de Madrid. El formato elegido te permitirá una inmersión total en los últimos grandes avances que constituyen Autogenics 3.0.


En la web encontrarás toda la información del Congreso, incluyendo la forma de registrarse.


Colloque SFRP 2018

Le COLLOQUE DES 30 ANS DE LA SFRP aura lieu les 5 et 6 octobre 2018 à Paris.
“La relaxation: une thérapie de l’espace sensoriel et tonique”

The 14th  symposium of the French society of Relaxation (SFRP):
“Relaxation: a psychotherapy in the extent of sensations and body tone”
to be held in Paris, Friday 5th and Saturday 6th October 2018




Upcoming international event in Chiavari

chiavariThe Italian conference organized by centro Progetto Divenire will be held in Chiavari (Genoa) on 12-13-14 May 2017.

The main theme of the conference is “AUTOGENIA E CREATIVITA – L’azione creativa nelle metodologie autogene” 

International presenters are welcome at the conference. The main language of the event is Italian.

The next ISATAP Board meeting takes place in Chiavari on occasion of the conference.

Information and Programme

Contact for MRSzE and KORSzEF members: and


ISATAP III World Congress (Seville, 2016) report


The Hungarian Association of Relaxation and Symboltherapy and the ‘Hungarian school’ was represented by Erika Pap at the 2016 ISATAP professional meeting.

The congress – Brain, Retina & Autogenics – offered many interesting presentations by the Spanish colleagues and also by Italian, French and Brazilian presenters in the Free Communications Session.

Erika Pap brought a 90 minute workshop with the title ‘Open the treasure box’. She showed how she uses inner images in her clinical work. The group could try the method, which they enjoyed very much, and they got to know more about symboltherapy and the work and trainings of the Hungarian association. The treasure box was filled with many new impulses and shared knowledge.

We are looking forward to the future cooperation with our AT colleagues from all over the world and meeting them again – hopefully in Budapest soon.


Open the treasure box – from Autogenic Training to Symbol Therapy in Hungary

The purpose of this argument is to discover together how basic relaxation processes can be self-sanctuarying for people who have disturbed states of mind and how components of Autogenic Training (AT) (Luthe and Schultz, 2001),  and Symbol Therapy in meditative state may be working together and separately in a self-developing process. My aim is to show how we can use inner images and body sensations which may occur under relaxation and symbol therapy which both happen in altered states of consciousness. We try to discern how we can emerge our coping using these techniques, and how these altered mind states support our spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being. I hold up  the treasures of our Society and the way we work with autogenics and also with the levels of Symbol Therapy. Erika Pap -clinical psychologist, Symbol Therapist, DipAT


ISATAP III World Congress: Brain, Retina and Autogenics

The third World Congress of ISATAP will be held in Sevilla (Spain)

from 30thSeptember to 2nd October 2016.seville2

Download the programme and conditions in PDF.

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